What have successful women in common?

This week, I had the chance to lead a workshop with a group of wonderful women from various universities in Bavaria/Germany. We spoke about what successful women have in common (several aspect of the framework apply to men as well, of course)

30 November 2017

Takeaways from the Economist Conference - GCC 3.0 - Strategies for the future

We had the chance to attend and speak at the MENA Conference, organized by the Economist.

27 November 2017

A Book We Love: The Alchemist

I recently read The Alchemist – by Paulo Coelho. It’s about a boy who is on a journey to explore and discovers himself along the way. Click here to read more.

20 November 2017

AP Partners will speak at The Economist Conference: MENA Annual Conference, GCC 3.0 - Strategies for the Future on November 15.

We are excited to share our ideas on how the region can breed and retain talent needed for next generation growth. See here for more information on the conference.

14 November 2017

HR Trends for 2018: Engage, Motivate and Empower

This week we visited the HR Summit & Expo in Dubai. It’s an event known to be filled with everything and anything related to HR!

08 December 2017