Author: Keeran Gill

December 08, 2017

Discover / HR Trends for 2018: Engage, Motivate and Empower

HR Trends for 2018: Engage, Motivate and Empower

HR Trends 2018

This week we visited the HR Summit & Expo in Dubai. It’s an event known to be filled with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING related to HR!

It was an engaging event full of exhibitors, networking and learning opportunities along with general insights into the world of HR in the region.

One thing that caught our eye was this board of the Top HR trends of 2018. We were really intrigued to see what is on the agenda for HR professionals in the region.

The majority of the trends were focused around finding new ways to engage, motivate, empower and develop employees. Considering the economic situation over the past few years, we can see attitudes towards talent management have strengthened from both a business and individual perspective. Deloitte’s 2016 Middle East Human Capital Trends report is substantiating this subjective feeling we got during the HR summit. In the report, learning was identified as the second highest on the agenda for the UAE and third for the Middle East. This was higher than the global ranking, showing the attitudes of a workforce eager to find opportunities to grow and develop. It’s positive to see this mindset being taken forward.

Retention was another buzzword we found posted around the board. A study by Hays this year has stated that 55% of professionals in the UAE are looking to switch employers at some point in the year – translating into 1 in 2 people! With businesses under increasing pressure to tighten up on costs and the extortionate amounts associated with hiring and replacing staff, it is a no brainer that organizations are looking at how to maximize the potential of the people they already have. By giving employees the opportunities they are after to develop, they can keep morale high whilst also creating a strong pool of talent for succession planning.

We are excited to see how learning, development and employee engagement will once again be a very important area on the agenda for HR, business and government leaders for 2018.

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