Hanan Alawadi

Valérie Scheer

Our Story

AS/P was founded in the summer of 2017 by Valérie Scheer and Hanan Alawadi, based on the dream of supporting the exciting growth happening around us by creating positive, long-lasting change on organisations and people. And with a simple vision: To become the leading partners in transformation and create an institution where highly intelligent and driven people thrive and leave their mark on the region and the world.

Hanan Alawadi

Valérie Scheer

Our Values & Beliefs

Our strong desire to support and develop both our clients and our teams was the main driving force behind the founding of AS/P. We also felt that the traditional consulting model is ripe for change and thus instilled a very unique set of values into our organization. These values are reflected in the people we recruit, the clients we serve, the way we work together, and the culture we promote and protect.

Positive Impact

We are united in our commitment to delivering measurable impact for our clients. The same holds true for our people. We consistently empower one another, deliberately help one another grow, and actively promote a sustainable lifestyle.


No strategy project without implementation; no project without dedicated client team-members. Only working alongside our clients will ensure that change happens. Internally, we believe that valuable input can come from anywhere and that the best ideas are a result of transparency, collaboration and team work.

Long-term partnership

We view ourselves as partners to our clients and team members. We therefore believe in long-term partnerships, which are reflected in long-stretching client relationships, board seats and even equity stakes – reflecting our full commitment to the organizations we serve. Internally, we are very careful with our hiring decisions as we are fully committed to every colleague we invite “into the family.”


When clients and colleagues seek honest advice, we want to be top-of-mind as a source of trust and truth. We will give our opinion, even if painful. At the same time, clients and teams can trust us that we will stand by their side to work through difficult times.

Fun & Freedom

Life is not a race, it is a journey to be enjoyed each day. We love what we do and thrive to create a fun environment, where individuality is celebrated. We also encourage our colleagues to take dedicated time to work on projects they are passionate about, even if not be directly client related.