Case Study AP TA - Acquiring Talent

Is it possible to find enough top talent to double the team size in 3 months?


Our client was growing fast. Very fast. As one of the most successful tech companies in the region, the main bottleneck to growth was talent. The goal was clear: Double the current team size over the next 3 months. Challenge accepted…and the quest for >100 new colleagues began.


To meet the ambitious goal, we had to look at the entire recruiting lifecycle and ensure all elements we aligned to deliver results:

  1. Define, track and visualize KPIs: We defined a set of KPIs (e.g., # of offers and hires per role, city and month, target time to hire and candidate experience rating) See picture for the “Cockpit” in our Talent Acquisition war room. We also set up an automated process to fill the cockpit.
  2. Set up the Talent Acquisition team and processes: From these initial KPIs, we derived the target number of CVs, interviews etc. per role and recruiter. We set up a standard evaluation process to ensure a consistent candidate experience and trained the client’s Talent Acquisition team accordingly.
  3. Define Employer Value Proposition: Before kicking off the broad outreach, we aligned on the main messages we wanted to convey. Why would high potentials want to join the team? These messages were used consistently across all channels.
  4. Tap into new recruiting channels: To reach the target, we had to go beyond organic applications via the homepage. We thus launched a big referral campaign, optimized the use of LinkedIn, worked with universities and tapped into several Social Media channels to reach millennials.
  5. Make Talent Acquisition a business priority: 1:1 conversations and several CEO messages to the top team and the entire organization made sure that Talent Acquisition received the support needed. Managers freed up time for interviews, colleagues went through their LinkedIn network to share referrals or posted the most critical openings on their social media. We complemented the communication with a “Talent Change Story” to rally everyone behind the ambitious target that could only be reached together.

Let's Hire

City1 City2 City3 City4 City5 City6


Hiring target reached
Month-on-month increase of hires, as we optimized the talent acquisition process
Average days candidates were in the pipeline
Receiving an offer
Launch of a successful referral campaign – referrals were 10x more likely to receive a job offer