Case Study AS/P - Shaping Organisations

How to lead an organization into the future?


"Stuck in 1985,” was the catch phrase used by frustrated employees of a central government regulator to describe their organization. The economic importance of this regulator meant the stakes were high. Leadership of this entity knew that their organization was in dire need of an inflection to improve performance, morale, and pace, but they didn’t know what specifically needed to be addressed around these or where to start.


We began by studying the organization’s overall health and readiness for change by engaging employees of all levels through surveys, focus groups, and 1:1 interviews. We came to a view that among many development areas, improving accountability , transparency, competencies, and motivation would be the main drivers to inflection. We developed transformational initiatives to focus on governance and processes, talent development and acquisition, culture and mindsets, and monitoring and performance, and laced along their strategy delivery and individual performance reviews.

The roll-out of these initiatives required that we set up a PMO function internalize the effort and ensure delivery. A “transformation office” was set-up as a beacon of hope and resource that employees could leverage for help in delivering their initiatives. The office ran internal communication campaigns to drive messages on values and desired behaviors. Posters were put up, team building exercises were conducted, and workshops were held to drive the organizations inflection. A biweekly newsletter also brought the organization together in celebrating their transformational successes.

Leadership engaged in change story exercises where senior management developed organizational and individual narratives for change and how to relay to their teams. Around this, we crafted development journeys for them to improve their leadership effectiveness and fulfill their personal and professional goals. Every 2 weeks, participants check in with an executive coach to keep on track towards their goals.

We also worked closely with relevant departments and stakeholders to improve corporate governance and develop new processes, addressing concerns that arose in our assessment.


We’re now 6 months post-inflection and have run an interim health check. We’re proud to say that organizational values around accountability and transparency now shine through every interaction and are supported by new processes. Progress on employee motivation and competency building is yet to be fully appreciated as the impact of learning and rewards have not yet come to maturity. Stay tuned…we still have another 6 months to go!