Case Study AP Academy - Shaping Talent

How to support female high potentials to thrive even more?


How can we support high potential women in their development? This was the question for one of the Ministries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. While the Ministry had identified a group of 20 exceptionally motivated and talented women with work experience between 3-10 years, they were not sure how to best support the women’s professional development.


We kicked off with a gap analysis based on participants’ self assessments, interviews with the management team and review of the Ministry’s strategy and KPIs in order to understand the key skills required to succeed as well as the current skillset of the group. Based on the gaps, we identified 10 modules, which we focused on over the course of a 6-months development journey.

The development journey started with a 1-week offsite to strengthen the bond between the women and discuss the first set of modules in a highly interactive format using case examples, videos, role plays, discussions etc. Over the following 3 months, each participant applied the new learnings on the job through a set of “homework”. Every participant was supported by a professional as well as a peer coach. After 3 months, we met for another offsite to kick off part 2 of the journey, which was structured along the same way.


First and foremost, we created a network of strong women, who are supporting each other long after the development journey has ended.

We could measure the development of each participant based on 360° feedback, which was filled out before and after the development journey. Every single participant improved.

In addition, the improvements were measurable in terms of business KPIs. Most of our participants worked in project-related roles. We could show that the group’s performance skyrocketed and the share of projects completed on time increased from single digit to almost 60%.

In addition, most woman have been promoted during or after the development journey, which makes us believe that our aim to deliver sustainable impact has been achieved with this wonderful group.